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A New Paradigm in Resistance-Based Exercise
for Athletic Performance, Physical Therapy, and Fitness

“Circular Motion Variable Exponential” Resistance

Kellion has created a revolutionary universal exerciser with the PowerGroove. It is available in both a Single Configuration and a Double Configuration, but we will use the Single as the example for the sake of simplicity. The resistance is delivered to a single point via two cables threading independent pulley “cars” that glide along a rod and pivot freely from side to side as they go. In addition, the unit as a whole rotates 360°. These factors create exceptional flexibility for user positioning and movement. Even more significant, however, is the type of resistance. We call it exponential resistance, and it represents an important advance in applied biomechanics and kinesiology. “Exponential” describes the resistance’s rate of increase through an exercise, which would be plotted as a steeply rising curved line. (This rate curve is variable because it is interactive with such factors as the user’s position and the angle of the unit). In application, exponential resistance is seamlessly smooth, beginning at a low ratio (“soft start”) and increasing rapidly to a high peak. Combined with the gliding/pivoting aspect of the mechanics, it allows fully circular motions and other freestyle movements to be performed in a uniquely natural manner. Experienced trainers will feel the difference immediately, and the highly effective muscle conditioning the PowerGroove administers will quickly demonstrate itself.

Together, the unique nature of exponential resistance and the extended spectrum of options for position and movement create a new “palette” for trainers and physical therapists. Better solutions for specific performance-training and rehab challenges become possible. And the gamut of fitness routines can be refreshed and enhanced.

Athletic Performance & Physical Therapy