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Golf Exercises

helps significantly to develop proper sequential muscle firing for an accurate, controlled and powerful golf swing.

The PowerGroove allows a golfer to perform the golf swing mindfully.

Because the golf downswing happens so quickly (.2 to .25 second), our conscious mind cannot “attend” the event to control what is happening.

The brain, therefore, relies on “muscle memory” to perform the golf swing.

By performing the exercises slowly, the golfer becomes aware of what is happening incrementally during the swing. Repeated, mindful practice of these exercises cause neuromuscular patterns in the brain to deepen.


The Grip
The Stance
Two Hand Pull
Wrist Snap
Hand Rotate
Follow Through
Handle Extend
Inside – Out Swing Plane
Multiplied Resistance
Core Muscle Swing
Gravity Swing
Core Muscle Training
Body Pivot with Hinged Handle
Left Arm Exercises
Left Arm Flip
Right Arm Exercise
Hip Engagement
Chipping Exercise
Putting Exercise
Power Swing
Beginner Golfer