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The Mechanical Design of the ImpactStik
The ImpactStik is designed with the correct physics for improving a golfer's swing. By utilizing a sliding weight mechanism, the ImpactStik provides a special type of progressive resistance that helps a golfer develop a natural feel for an accelerating golf club. Because the physics of the mechanics are correct, the ImpactStik works more synergistically with the unconscious (sub cortical) neuromuscular physiological reflexes of the human body, which fire automatically during the swift downswing of a golf swing.
The ImpactStik mechanism is excellent for developing feel of the pendulum sensation of the golf swing. It corrects outside-in swings, reverse pivoting, weak left arm, deceleration at impact, poor follow through and finish. Because the ImpactStik is two times heavier than a regular golf club, swinging it on a regular basis when you are off the course will help develop proper golf musculature and general muscle tone so that you will strike the ball more solidly and more effortlessly. Using it as a warm up device before a game will help tune your swing and set your swing tempo and rhythm. The impact feature simulates actual outdoor ball striking, so that you can get the same benefit while using it anywhere. The ImpactStik with its simple set of exercises is a remarkably effective golf swing training aid.
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