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The POWERGROOVE gives you the immediate and long lasting feeling of the correct positions of the golf swing. It will help you obtain a better sense of proprioceptive memory. With its motion and tension adjustments you can quickly develop strength and flexibility in these crucial areas. It is truly a great tool.

Allen Miller, Past Champion & Life Member, PGA Tour
Cindy Miller, LPGA Class A Member

The POWERGROOVE is the only golf specific training tool on the market that teaches proper weight shift, the delayed hit, builds hand and wrist strength and can be performed at any rate of speed. That is why it is the only piece of golf specific training equipment we use in our training center. Since strength times speed equals power, just use the POWERGROOVE to increase your distance.

Ben Shear, Director, Strength and Conditioning Golfer's Edge, NJ

Crucial to our approach is that you train in a specific neuro-muscular fashion using the revolutionary POWERGROOVE training machine. This will help you attain not only the proper golf musculature, but also the correct muscle firing sequence required for an efficient golf swing.

Dan Parks, PGA Pro, Owner, 3D Golf Labs Victor, NY

No other swing trainer can so perfectly mock the feeling of impact, and help improve the timing of your golf swing. The quality of the Impact Stick is exceptional. If you have struggled to find a swing trainer that actually benefits your game, look no further than the Impact Stik. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.


Athletic Performance & Physical Therapy

The PowerGroove has proven to be a revolutionary development in sports performance and rehabilitation. It provides a progressive resistance using a multi planar motion that enables a patient to strengthen a muscle or joint throughout a full range of motion. With this type of strengthening, the recovery process is enhanced and shortened allowing for decreases time in a rehabilitation program, saving the patient time and money. I have used the PowerGroove with clients ranging from 8 to 85 years of age with wonderful results. It has also been the focus of our sports-specific strength and conditioning program used with professional and amateur athletes. These athletes have been able to enhance their performance in their desired sport due to the ability of the PowerGroove to provide strengthening throughout specific sports functional movements. Clients have reported increased strength, stamina and an ability to burn calories and lose weight. The POWERGROOVE is the most versatile piece of equipment in my clinic and is now being used by professional sports teams such as the Buffalo Bills and the Columbus Blue Jackets organization.

Richard J Pitcher, PT.
Fairway Physical Therapy

The PowerGroove is a state of the art multi-purpose strength-training device. Originally designed for golf performance, this machine can be incorporated into a full rehabilitation strengthening and performance device. My patients and athletes have made significant gains in a shortened timeframe because of the progressive resistance provided by the PowerGroove. My patients and athletes can maximize the gains they make by strengthening their muscles in the end ranges of movement, something that cannot be achieved with free weights or other resistant machines. The PowerGroove has helped my golf performance clients increase club head speed by 3-5 MPH in less than 3 weeks adding 20-40 yards of distance. The PowerGroove is a must-have for any gym, rehab facility, college or professional sports team that is serious about taking strength training to another level!

Michael McGee, PT, President
Fairway Physical Therapy

The PowerGroove is a total body-strengthening piece of equipment for both rehabilitation and sports performance. The dual pulley system is smooth and adds a new dimension to functional strengthening and power development. The various attachments are easily interchangeable and allow versatility and sport-specific training.

Mark L. Archambault, PT, PhD, CSCS
Owner, BACKtoGOLF Performance & Fitness